Smart 2.0 – 12in Mini Electric-Bicycle

About the brand:

Baicycle Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd was founded in Shenzhen, China, in 2016. The company received investment from Mi and Shunwei Funds. Baicycle focuses on intelligent low-speed mobility products, including electric bicycles and scooters.

In the field of low-speed mobility products, it is one of the few companies that can independently design, develop and manufacture products for customers worldwide, as well as having its own R&D facilities.


The Smart 2.0 electric folding bicycle is a great commuter option for efficiently getting around the city and traveling to and from public transport hubs. The lightweight, foldable design is perfect for stowing at home, in the office, or on public transport.


E-bikes are a convenient door-to-door mobility solution, faster than walking and less effort than cycling. The Smart 2.0 is a compact and secure folding design that’s perfect for stowing away.


It has an extended range of 30 km in pure electric mode, with a top speed of 25 km/h. The 250W brushless DC motor provides a stable power output, which in combination with 12-inch wheels and inflatable rubber tires, delivers a smooth riding experience.


The design language is minimal yet modern. It is crafted with simplicity in mind, prioritising the user and usability. The integrated display highlights key information including speed, mileage, and battery level.


The large 12-inch front and rear tires offer great shock absorption and traction due to the anti-slip tread pattern. Front and rear disc brakes are included to provide an optimal braking solution for the seated position. Front and rear LED headlights are essential for nighttime riding, ensuring visibility to other pedestrians and road users.

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Wholesale orders only, can mix different e-bikes in one HQ.

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